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Gethsemane Prayer Ministries offers ministry for inner healing and deliverance for believers in Christ Jesus. Each type of ministry has its purpose in bringing freedom and healing to the wounded and brokenhearted.

Gethsemane Prayer Ministries, a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers and the American Association of Christian Counselors, comes along side the believer for the purpose of training in authority and freedom prayer. The Holy Spirit releases power, removing the barriers that hinder freedom and faith. They are then able to enter into their full destiny and calling that Jesus intended them to have.

Gethsemane Prayer Ministries is a not for profit, 501 C3 ministry and all offerings to the ministry are tax deductible.

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Common Ministry Questions

Are you a counseling ministry?
Gethsemane Prayer Ministries is a prayer ministry not a professional counseling service but does come along side the person coming for ministry and help them work through the challenges that they may be facing in their walk with Jesus. We believe that the true counselor to those who come for ministry is the Holy Spirit. It is our desire that those who come for ministry hear the heart of the Holy Spirit and receive freedom from life’s hurts.

Who are the people you minister to?
The person coming for ministry can range from newborn to any age. If an adult, most often they have a personal relationship with Jesus, have been walking with the Lord for a period of time and ideally attend a church. If a teen or child, at least one of the parents should have a personal relationship with Jesus and attend a church.

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